HOT 108 -SodereHOT 110 - Lake Hawassa & Langano

HOT 109 - Wendogenet

HOT 109 - Wendogenet
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- Swimming, sunbathing
- Bird life

  • Day 01: Drive to the rift valley lakes. En route visit Abijata Shalla Lake and Ziway lake on Your way. You can swim in the Natural hot water of Wendogenet, Walk through the endogenous Junipers Tree and see the source of the hot water spring that boils maize and egg in less than 20 minutes, the Sidama people house surrounded by coffee plant and false banana trees attracts your visit. The hospitable sidama people will invite you to their house and prepare you a coffee. O/N Wendogenet Wabeshe belle
  • Day 02: Leave wendogenet visit in the morning the open fish market of the Sidamo people at Awassa lake ,which is the smallest lake in the rift valley system and bird life waiting to get leftovers from the fisher men and the Sidama who enjoy eating raw fish, and drive back to Addis.

  • Minimum Participants: 2 peoples
    Price:USD 331.00 per person

    Contact us for price of more participants

    Cost Includes: Entrance fees, Ground transportation, Accommodation on breakfast basis on tourist standard hotel, Lunch in Zeway local restaurants, Dinner with bottled water, 1 litre bottles water in a car each day

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